Historic center tour

Historic center

napoli veduta
  • 6 hr
  • Min: 2 pax
  • napoli

Along the main axes of the Decumani, the ancient originating Greek city. During the centuries the walls that encircled the heart of Naples extended to the sea and still today there are the original access doors (Port’Alba, Porta San Gennaro, Porta Nolana, Porta Capuana). Walking along the ancient streets, you cross centuries of Neapolitan history. The Folklore, the mystery of the Sacred, from the ancient markets (San Lorenzo Maggiore) to the world of the dead (Chiesa del Purgatorio ad Arco) to the many churches rich in art and history. A bright, musical, vital piece of city where the contemporary urban fabric incorporates the symbols of other eras. We will admire monuments, obelisks, monasteries, cloisters, secret corners and the streets of the cribs walking on the original Greek route. An itinerary of picturesque glimpses through the alleys, historic restaurants and prestigious crafts.