Napolitan Achaeologic tour

Napolitan Achaeologic

napoli veduta
  • 4 hr
  • Min: 2 pax
  • Napoli

The Neapolitan archaeological itinerary is very interesting because it is characterized by a centuries-old stratification showing the alternation of important old testimonies. Here we find the pagan and Christian roots of western civilization. In the heart of the ancient center, we visit the first Greek walls, the Roman aqueducts and markets of Neapolis, The Greek and paganism, the cult of the dead, the relationship with life and death define a fascinating journey. An immersive archaeological world still alive that tells the lives and traditions of the ancients imprinted in the character of Neapolitans today. The tour ends with a visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Naples which houses the collections and findings of the Vesuvian cities buried by the eruption of 79 AD.