Vista mare in bike
€ 35,00 / per person
  • 3 hr
  • Min: 2 pax
  • Napoli

eBike Panorama tour

Naples from the most famous area of the city! starting from the sea we will reach the hill of Posillipo, during the ride you can enjoy beautiful views. Then, we will reach the other belvedere point of the city with direct view on “spaccanapoli” and the historical centre. On the way back we will cycle along streets with panoramas until we return to the base.

<p>Vesuvio da Posillipo</p>
€ 25,00 / per person
  • 2 hr
  • Min: 2 pax
  • Napoli

Old town by ebike on sunday morning

In just a few hours we will go from folklore and art to beautiful landscapes. We will explore the historic centre by bike, entering from the ancient Port’Alba (1600), crossing Piazza Bellini to admire the Renaissance and Baroque architecture and the Conservatorio San Pietro a Majella.We will immediately encounter the ancient Greek Walls of Neapolis. As the city wakes up and the shops open their doors, we will cycle through the Decumani, the original pathways in the heart of Naples. Along the way we will notice signs of the history of Magna Graecia, of the Norman influence, the Angevin Empire and the Bourbon Kingdom. In ‘green mode’ we'll take a trip back in time: the Duomo, San Gregorio Armeno, the noble palaces and the obelisk in Piazza San Domenico Maggiore. We will take a break at the famous Scaturchio, for a good “sfogliatella”. Palazzo Venezia, an 18th-century secret garden will be our venue for a coffee break. After Piazza del Gesù and its magnificent diamond-pointed ashlar, we will cross the Pignasecca, the fruit and fish market.

€ 20,00 / per person
  • 4
  • Min: 2 pax
  • Napoli

Urban panoramas hiking

Departure from the Belvedere di San Martino, a terrace overlooking the historic centre, Spaccanapoli, the Port, Mount Vesuvius and the Reggia di Capodimonte. Behind us the majestic Castel Sant‘Elmo. We cross the stylish Vomero district with a stop at Villa Floridiana. There we will stroll through the 18th-century gardens and enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea, Capri and Posillipo, on the other side of the Gulf. We will then arrive at Calata San Francesco, the historic steps connecting the hills to the sea. Ancient buildings, secret gardens, unforgettable views.

  • 4 - 8 hrs
  • Min: 2 pax
  • Vesuvio

Vesuvius Hiking

The Volcano dominates the two gulfs of Naples and Salerno, and is located in the Vesuvius Natural Park.  A nature immersed itinerary, with eleven different unique paths. the most particular one passes over a lava flow, or the ancient paths or the Monte Sum up to the crater of the volcano, suggestive and spectacular. Our expert guides will be able to recommend the most suitable itinerary based on the level of difficulty.
A breathtaking view in a natural context but full of history, a place so important and influential on the life, economy and culture of territory.

Anfiteatro Flavio, Pozzuoli
  • 4-8 hrs
  • Min: 2 pax
  • Pozzuoli

E-biking Campi Flegrei

The tour crosses a vast volcanic area, a unique route of combination of nature, archeology and history.
An itinerary with amazing panoramas and archaeological parks between ancient and modern  vineyards and Greece and Roman temples,
which lead you by the end of the day to the ancient thermal hot water therm
to enjoy and relax in a timeless place.
Half-day Tour
Pozzuoli area includes Terra Murata, the ancient characteristic town of Pozzuoli dating back to the 1600s.
The Temple of Serapis, the Macellum, market building of the Roman colony of Puteoli,
evidence of the fervent trade relations with the East and the Mediterranean.
The Flavian Amphitheatre, a fascinating arena under Nero's timeYou will have the unique experience of stepping beneath the arena floor, you'll walk in the footsteps of gladiators who waited here before battle and see the machines used to bring animals up into the arena.
Full day tour
Archeological park of the Cumaean Sibyl in the Ancient Greek ruin of the Apollo temple of Cumae, fascinating tufa cave, ancient cisterns, where in the Antro della Sibilla the magician priestess predicted future events. Among the green hiking trails we visit the Temple of Jupiter and Apollo with a view of the Miseno Sea. We continue through the vineyards of Lake Averno to the Castle of Baia and enjoy an underwater archaeology tour by boat, snorkelling or diving to see the underwater Roman Villae.